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Ulrich Gallersdörfer

Software Engineering for Business Information Systems
Chair of Informatics 19
Department of Informatics
Technische Universität München

Boltzmannstraße 3
D-85748 Garching bei München

Phone: +49 89 289 - 17137 Please contact me via mail
Room: 01.12.040 01.12.035

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I do not offer any thesis supervision.

Ulrich is a researcher at the chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems (sebis) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) since September 2017. He holds a master's degree in Information Systems from TUM and wrote his master thesis about Analysis of Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in Legal Transactions.

His research focuses on the data analytics of public Blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Public Blockchains offer rich datasets, consisting of all transactions and smart contracts executed by the users of the respective platform. With this data, one can cluster addresses to users, detect mixing services disguising the origin of funds, trace cross-Blockchain transactions or find other user behaviour. He is especially interested in bytecode analytics of Ethereum Smart Contracts. Ethereum offers with over 5.6 Million Smart Contracts the richest set of decentralized applications, allowing a search for design patterns, developer behaviour or used standards.

Ulrich is also very engaged in the education with regards to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is the creator and main organizer of the lecture Blockchain-based Systems Engineering in the summer term. With this lecture, Ulrich supports students to get a technical foundation of different types of Blockchains and want them to be able to evaluate future developments in this area. After this course, students are able to design and implement own applications with Blockchain technology. Besides offering a lecture, Ulrich is responsible for the organization of the seminar Technical Analysis of Existing Blockchain Applications in winter term. Additionally, Ulrich is the scientific advisor to a number of students with regard to their bachelor's and master's thesis or their guided research.

Besides his activity at the chair, he is also a speaker at various events about Blockchain. He gives talks at international conferences, at companies like Allianz or IBM, but also at other universities and occasions. He participated in the Omega Tau Science Podcast about Blockchain and Smart Contracts. If you are interested in him giving a talk at your event, please leave him a mail.

In his free time, Ulrich likes to participate in Hackathons. He won the Hyperfit Blockchain Hackathon in Copenhagen in August 2017 and the IBM Blockchain Hackathon in Munich in November 2017. He talked about the complexities of Bitcoin at the Blockchain4.Business hackathon and was also a member of jury at the famous ETHBerlin in September 2018.

Research Projects

His reserach projects include:

Selected Invited Talks & Presentations

  1. "Blockchain löst (vermutlich) leider nicht deine Probleme – eine Einführung in alltägliche Missverständnisse", 19th December 2019, Daidalos-Kolloquium, LMU
  2. "Identitätsmanagement in Blockchain-basierten Systemen", 29th July 2019, Landesgruppe Bayern: Blockchain Stammtisch #5, Bundesblock
  3. "Blockchains – Funktionsweise, Chancen und Risiken", 28th March 2019, Studieninformationstag der Fakultät für Informatik, Technische Universität München
  4. "Mining the Ethereum Blockchain: Looking under the Hood of Deployed Smart Contracts", 13th December 2018, Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM)
  5. "A Deep Dive into Bitcoin", 18th July 2018,  Blockchain4.BusinessHackathon
  6. "Kryptowährungen, Blockchain & Smart Contracts, was erwartet uns in Zukunft?", 20th June 2018, Kölner WiFa
  7. "Boom der Kryptowährungen", 26th April 2018, Zündfunk @ Bayern 2, Recording, from minute 22:00
  8. "Analysis of Requirements for Blockchain Applications", 23th April 2018, @ fortiss Blockchain course
  9. "Sprechstunde: Blockchain", 10th April 2018, @ Euroforum, Best of Blockchain
  10. "Blockchain / Kryptowährung – Was kommt mit Bitcoin und Co auf uns zu?", 1st March 2018, @ Continental Arena Regensburg, ECOVIS ChancenWelt Digitalisierung
  11. "Blockchain und Bitcoin, was ist das?", 14th December 2017, @ Hochschule Furtwangen, Report
  12. "Massive Munich Mobility Package - A new era of mobility", 25th November 2017, Winning Solution @ IBM / Münchner Kreis Hackathon, see Report
  13. "Blockchain & Smart Contracts - Dem Hype folgen?", 12th October, 2017, @ Roundtable, see Slides
  14. "TimberTrack - Tamper-Proof Supply Chains in Timber Tracking", 18th August, 2017, Winning Solution @ Hyperfit Blockchain Hackathon, see Report
  15. "Blockchains und Smart Contracts", 10th July, 2017, @ omega tau Podcast, see Recording
  16. "Risks of Blockchain Technology", 24th February, 2017,  @ IRIS2017, see Report

Publications (in reverse chronological order)

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[Ga17] Gallersdörfer, U.: Analysis of Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in Legal Transactions

Master's Thesis: Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, 2017.

Teaching (in reverse chronological order)

SS 20


Lecture Organizer
WS 19/20


Lab Course Advisor
WS 19/20


Lecture Advisor
SS 19


Lecture Organizer
WS 18/19 Master Seminar Organizer
WS 18/19


Lecture Advisor
WS 18/19


Lab Course Advisor
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Lecture Organizer
WS 17/18


Seminar Advisor

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