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Technical Analysis of Existing Blockchain Applications

Last modified Jun 17

Current Announcements and News

The seminar is not offered in Winter Term 2019 / 2020.

Content and Goals

Since the establishment of the first worldwide blockchain for the exchange of the Bitcoin currency, the Bitcoin network has grown to a capitalization of $100 billion. While directly exchanging money is the most prominent example, distributed ledger technology can also be used to transact on any digital asset. Proponents claim that distributed ledger technology has the potential to radically change the way business is done in numerous areas.
In this seminar, we aim to deeply investigate the status quo of the current blockchain ecosystems. This includes elementary implementation details, such as the protocols, libraries, transaction logic and algorithms, the characteristics, such as economic motivation, and applications, such as identity management or transfer of digital assets.

Goals: Students are able to understand the technology behind the most established blockchains and develop an understanding of feasible applications and their implementation.


  • Understanding of cryptography and peer to peer networks
  • Software engineering skills
  • Programming skills


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