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Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis)

Dominik Manoj Adrian Felix Klym Aline Marin Thomas Benrhard Daniel Florian Anne Martin Patrick Joerg Oemer Pouya Jian Carlos

Professor Florian Matthes holds this chair since its establishment in 2002. We are one of the 22 chairs of the Informatics Faculty at Technische Universität München and contribute to the informatics and business informatics education at the PhD, master and bachelor level. 

Research news

7 hours ago : Teilnahme des sebis Lehrstuhls am Forschungskolloquium Modellierung 2017 an der FernUniversität in Hagen

Aug 15 : Paper Evaluating Natural Language Understanding Services for Conversational Question Answering Systems by Daniel Braun, Adrian Hernandez-Mendez, Florian Matthes, and Manfred Langen published at SIGdial 2017

Jul 31 : Doctoral Symposium paper titled 'Towards a framework for managing architectural design decisions' accepted at the ECSA 2017

Jun 26 : Paper titled Investigating the Role of Architects in Scaling Agile Frameworks by Ömer Uludag, Martin Kleehaus, Xian Xu, and Florian Matthes accepted at EDOC 2017

Jun 9 : Paper titled Automatic extraction of design decisions from issue management systems - a machine learning based approach accepted at the ECSA 2017

Jun 6 : Paper on Process and Tool-support to Collaboratively Formalize Statutory Texts by Executable Models by Bernhard Waltl, Thomas Reschenhofer, and Florian Matthes published on the DEXA Conference 2017