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Sebis-Team wins Blockchain Hackathon

From 24th to 25th of November, the Münchner Kreis Blockchain Hackathon took place in the IBM IoT Towers in Munich. About 70 participants competed in the creation of Blockchain use cases with the permissioned Blockchain technology provided by IBM, Hyperledger Composer. After two days of modeling, coding and digging into Blockchain technology, ten teams pitched their ideas to the audience and the jury, which comprised different experts from IBM, Münchner Kreis, TU München and Deutsche Telekom.
Also, a team from the Sebis Chair, consisting out of Ulrich Gallersdörfer and Elena Scepankova, took part in the Hackathon. They proposed a solution called "Massive Munich Mobility Package", in which users can use any mobility provider they desire despite being only registered with one mobility provider. For this, Blockchain technology provides a safe space for all mobility providers to exchange data about users and journeys to calculate revenue streams and platform usage. As of the pitch and the live demo, the team "Massive Munich Mobility Platform", alongside another team, was awarded as the winner of the Münchner Kreis Blockchain Hackathon.
The team of sebis says "Thank you" to all organizers, the jury and all other teams for a great Hackathon!

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