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Verification of University Certificates

Last modified Mar 25


Manipulation and falsification of certificates issued by universities is a huge problem in our society. Due to the increasing numbers of universities and students and the increasing internationality, it becomes harder and harder to verify whether credentials presented by students or potential employees are valid and issued correctly.

In the current process, employers or universities can call other issuing entities and ask whether the issued certificate is indeed correct. However, this process is tedious and costs a lot of time and effort, therefore, it is often skipped.

With the rise of Blockchain technology, a technology is available which allows us to issue and document actions of single entities, such as universities.

Research Questions

  • Which Blockchain technology is suited best in terms of a) throughput, b) costs, c) privacy, d) stability e) security?
  • How is the identitiy of the issuing entity verified?
  • How is the identity of the receiving entity verified?
  • How is the integrity of certificates ensured?
  • How is the correct revocation of certificates ensured?