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Guided Research Daniel Schosser

Last modified Apr 30, 2015

Analyzing the usage of a video annotation tool.


During this guided research, different video annotations tools are analyzed based on their effects on learners behavior. Therefor the different user interfaces and ways of giving feedback to the user are being analyzed and compared with each other. To analyze the different effects, it is necessary to determine what data is essential to analyze positive and negative changes in behavior and how this data can be collected most efficiently. The last step is the implementation and evaluation of a prototype, to automatically collect, analyze and present the data in a human readable way. This prototype will be based on the video annotation tool, developed during the MasterLab Course in Wintersemester 2013/14.


  • Study existing approaches for analyzing behavior of learners in existing video annotation tools.
  • Determine essential data that have to be collected for the analysis of learner’s behavior in context of video annotation tools.
  • Implement and evaluate prototype for automatic analysis of learner’s behavior as part of own learning video annotation tool.  



[Ma14] Florian Matthes, Klym Shumaiev. Collaborative Annotation of Recorded Teaching Video Sessions. 6th International on Conference Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2014), Barcelona, Spain, 2014


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