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Ma14 - Collaborative Annotation of Recorded Teaching Video Sessions

Last modified Jul 8, 2014


Driven by technology advances the availability of digital video recordings of live training sessions increases
at a fast pace. The goal of our research is to better understand the impact of these digital artifacts on the
individual (and possibly collaborative) note-taking process of learners. In this paper, we develop a
conceptual framework describing the augmentation of teaching sessions by computer-supported tools. We
use the framework to describe related work and to outline our research design that involves the development
of a minimum viable collaborative annotation tool and the study of the effects of variations in tool
functionality (like visibility of annotations, kinds of annotations, or form of annotations) on the learning
process. The scientific contribution of the conceptual framework and tool are to serve as a starting point for
empirical research by us and others who analyses the effect of variations in collaborative annotation tool





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