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Masterthesis - Tong Lin

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     student project amazon ec2 teaching cloud computing uima masterthesis thesis

of this master's thesis is to develop a working prototype of a proactive SLA management ,cloud computing,masterthesis,student project,teaching,thesis,uima Student Project Supervisor Prof Status completed Type Master's Thesis Submission date 1300143600000 Final presentation slides 2011/03/21 /Sebis Public Website/_

Bachelor Thesis Vladimir Elvov

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     insurance student project bachelorthesis big data thesis

feasibility. This thesis uses a different approach by analysing the business aspects of Use Cases in the the Use Cases from RQ1? /Sebis Public Website/_/Bachelor Thesis Vladimir Elvov Not template related project,thesis Student Project Sebis Contributor Agreement signed on 1507672800000 Checklist filled Architectures for Use Cases in the Insurance Sector Thesis PDF Bachelorarbeit_Vladimir_Elvov.pdf Advisor . Dr. Florian Matthes Type Bachelor's Thesis Submission date 1521068400000 Title (de) Entwurf von Big

Master's Thesis Annemarie Heuschild

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     student project teaching masterthesis thesis

account, this thesis suggests a framework to manage change requests through workflows to address the changerequests and the change request life-cycle, the thesis continues with defining relations, actors framework resolves the gaps using one of the analysed products. The outcome of this thesis is a framework Please note, no kickoff presentation due to thesis abroad. Literature Bitzer, S. M. (1995) Technology. Non-Published Master's Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey. Deelman, E., Gannon, D

Master Thesis Jochen Graeff

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     spring boot student project distributed tracing zipkin java microservices celonis business process mining masterthesis sleuth thesis

layers of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) and therefore gain a holistic view. This thesis aims to software component. /Sebis Public Website/_/Master Thesis Jochen Graeff Not template related Show ,java,masterthesis,microservices,sleuth,spring boot,student project,thesis,zipkin Student Project Type Master's Thesis Checklist filled Yes Sebis Contributor Agreement signed on Project Multi-Level Monitoring & Visualization Student Jochen Graeff Start Date 1487113200000 Thesis PDF JGraeff_Thesis

Guided Research Philipp Heinemann

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     guided research google wave google student project teaching completed thesis philipp heinemann

,guided research,philipp heinemann,student project,teaching,thesis Student Project Kick-off in the Context of aWeb-Based Enterprise Collaboration Platform? Thesis PDF Guided Research Philipp

Masterthesis Thomas Dierl

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     student project eam teaching beams 2011 masterthesis thesis

BEAMS configurator, for modeling method building blocks and EA management functions. This thesis requirements derived from the BEAMS approach. Furthermore, this thesis proposes an appropriate design prototypic implementationis part of this thesis. While implementing the protoype deep insights into ,eam,masterthesis,student project,teaching,thesis Student Project Submission date 1287093600000 Konfigurators Thesis (PDF File) Di10b.pdf Student Thomas Dierl Sebis Contributor Agreement signed on

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