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Student Theses & Guided Research

Last modified Jul 19, 2021

Guided Research, SEP, IDP, Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis and HiWi contracts

If you are a student of Informatics, Business Informatics or Business Administration with a minor in Informatics, and if you are interested in challenging projects also with industry or international partners in software engineering, social software and enterprise architecture management, please check our list of open student projects and HiWi contracts below and follow the instructions how to apply.

How to find a thesis or guided research project at sebis

There are three approaches to conduct a thesis or guided research project at our chair:

  1. Choose one of the announced open topics and get in touch with the specified contact person
  2. If you have a specific area of interest but no specific idea: learn more about the specific research areas and interests of our team members and get in touch with relevant research assistants
  3. If you do have a specific idea that is not machting one of our open topics (e.g. a specific cooperation with industry): check first which research assistants might be interested in your topic and get in touch with them

Independent from the approach you take, please make sure to submit a detailed résumé, a brief statement indicating your past relationship to our chair (e.g. courses visited etc.) as well as an up-to-date transcript of records. In addition, please indicate your desired start date.

Be as specific as possible in order to accelerate the process. Thank you!

Advanced seminar (Oberseminar) for student projects

All student projects at sebis are presented and discussed in the advanced seminar, so that members of the research team and interested students can provide feedback. Two presentations have to be held by the student an introductory one (duration: 15 minutes) and a final presentation (duration: 30 minutes).

Students, which are doing their student project at sebis, have to attend the advanced seminar regularly. Active and passive participation in the seminar influences the final grade of the thesis.

Project lists

  Sichtbarkeit von Benutzeraktivität in Enterprise 2.0 Software