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Master Thesis Tobias Höfler

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     tinymce javascript node.js node student project collaboration emberjs 2012 language sharejs masterthesis thesis

Student Project Abstract The purpose of this Thesis is to analyze, how realtime collaborative realtime architecture, which is presented in this Thesis. It is shown, that this architecture is a good technologies like Ember.js, Node.js, and share.js. At last, this Thesis describes Thesis Tobias Höfler Not template related Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2012,collaboration,emberjs,javascript,language,masterthesis,node,node

Master Thesis Duc Tien Vu

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     root cause analysis automotive engineering student project machine learning time series data masterthesis thesis

,masterthesis,root cause analysis,student project,thesis,time series data Student Project Kick-off presentation car. That process is thus very time intensive. In this thesis, we proposed a technique that ranks thesis is divided in three main parts. In the first part, we conducted a literature review to assess from emission tests. /Sebis Public Website/_/Master Thesis Duc Tien Vu Not template related Show slides DucTienVu-kickoff.pdf Thesis PDF Masters_Thesis_DucTien_Vu_Final.pdf Advisor Martin Kleehaus

Masterthesis - Tong Lin

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     student project amazon ec2 teaching cloud computing uima masterthesis thesis

,cloud computing,masterthesis,student project,teaching,thesis,uima Student Project Supervisor Prof of this master's thesis is to develop a working prototype of a proactive SLA management . Zeitplan: August 2010 - March 2011 /Sebis Public Website/_/Masterthesis - Tong Lin Not template related Status completed Type Master's Thesis Submission date 1300143600000 Final presentation slides 2011/03/21 /Sebis Public Website/_

Master's Thesis Stefan Laner

Student Project in Sebis Public Website     student project teaching masterthesis thesis

masterthesis,student project,teaching,thesis Student Project Title (en) Supporting performance optimizations Literature Master‘s Thesis Thomas Lamperstorfer: „Statische Performance-Analyse“ Parsons, Murphy -Systemen mittels Profiling /Sebis Public Website/_/Master's Thesis Stefan Laner Not template related - notification required No Thesis PDF Thesis.pdf Checklist filled No Start Date 1355526000000 Project date 1365976800000 Type Master's Thesis Sebis Contributor Agreement signed on /Sebis Public Website/_

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