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Master's Thesis Stefan Bleibinhaus

Last modified Nov 17, 2014


This thesis discusses the architectural design and implementation of an Enterprise 2.0 collaboration web application. The designed web application uses the concept of hybrid wikis for enabling business users to capture easily content in structured form. A Hybrid wiki is a wiki, which empowers business users to incrementally structure and classify content objects without the struggle of being enforced to use strict information structures. The emergent information structure in a hybrid wiki evolves in daily use by the interaction with its users. Whenever a user wants to extend the content, the system guides them to automatically structure it by using user interface friendly methods like auto-completion and unobtrusive suggestions based on previous similar content.

An application of hybrid wikis is seen in the Wiki4EAM community, which aims to bring together practitioners and researchers to cooperatively pursue a different lightweight approach to Enterprise Architecture Management. In this community, architectural information, such as business processes, applications and organizational units is collected, structured, visualized and analyzed using the hybrid wiki Tricia.

The thesis starts with introducing the concept of hybrid wikis in more detail and presents Tricia, which is a hybrid wiki developed by the company infoAsset. Tricia's featureset is the guideline and motivation for an own prototype implementation called Trista, which is designed and implemented in this thesis. The chosen technologies used for its implementation are discussed. Among them is Scala, the mulit-paradigm programming language built on top of the Java virtual machine (JVM), the play! web framework, the document-oriented database MongoDB and the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) of Apache Hadoop. The goal of Trista is to be a leightweight hybrid wiki, which is horizontal scalable and provides a high useability. Trista provides an easy access to developers by its key usage of open source technology and is an highly extensible platform enabling rapid development. The thesis closes with an overview of Trista's implemented features and shows possibilities on how Trista can be extended.



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