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Fatih Yilmaz

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in a cross-media environment. Before joining sebis, he worked as a Junior Enterprise Architect at -Management & Enterprise Architecture Management Lecture Advisor /Sebis Public Website/Team/Fatih Yilmaz ,mitarbeiter,person,sebis,team Team Member E-Mail fatih.yilmaz [at] Image File Twitter Phone +49 Skype Room 01.12.055 Xing /Sebis Public Website/Team


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Theses /Sebis Public Website/Research Not template related Hide Hide Hide overview,projects,research ,research areas,sebis,topics Text Page /Sebis Public Website

Jian Kong

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hours on appointment /Sebis Public Website/Team/Jian Kong Not template related Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text jian,kong,sebis Image File Twitter Secretary E-Mail /Sebis Public Website/Team

Advanced Seminar

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agile development Abschluss GR Talks before September 2019 >> /Sebis Public Website/Teaching ,oberseminar,sebis,seminar,software engineering,teaching Course Time 12:15 - 14:00 SWS 2 Module No. - ECTS 0 Lecturer Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes /Sebis Public Website/Teaching

Dr. Christian Neubert

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Anwendungen - Bachelorkurs Betreuer Vorlesung + Übung Web 2.0 applications /Sebis Public Website/Team/Alumni ,christian,neubert,sebis,staff,team Alumni Position Alumni Xing _Neubert5 E-Mail christian.neubert [at] /Sebis Public Website/Team/Alumni

Dominik Huth

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.12.058 Curriculum Vitae I am a research associate at Sebis since April 2016, working in the establishing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Before joining Sebis, I worked as an SAP Lecture Advisor /Sebis Public Website/Team/Dominik Huth Not template related Show to the right of the text Show below the text Hide assistants,sebis,staff,team Team Member E-Mail Research Associate Room 01.12.058 Skype /Sebis Public Website/Team

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