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Agile Enterprise Architecture Management

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software engineering recently lightweight and agile methods have become more and more important. These EA management can be addressed applying agile methods, e.g. provided by Scrum? Do prevalent EA management frameworks and approaches account for agile methods? What are suitable agile principles from other domains, e.g., software engineering, for EA management? Goals Develop and agile method for EA [Ha14a] Hauder, M., Roth, S., Schulz, C., Matthes, F.: Agile Enterprise Architecture Management: An

Paper titled Supporting Large-Scale Agile Development with Domain-driven Design by Ömer Uludag

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Text Page Abstract: An increasing number of large organizations are adopting agile and lean methods at larger scale for building complex software systems. One major critique of agile development and in particular of large-scale agile development is the neglect of proper architecting assistance in evolving the architecture of complex systems in an agile way. We describe how DDD can support large -scale agile development based on a conducted case study in a large insurance company with three agile

Scaled Agile IT Organizations

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Research Project Motivation Over the past two decades, agile software development methods have been . In contrast to traditional methods, agile methods place more emphasis on flexible processes than on detailed upfront plans and heavy documentations. Since agile methods have proved to be successful at the team level, large organizations are now aiming to scale agile methods to the enterprise level by adopting so called scaling agile frameworks. Scaling agile methods at the enterprise level with

EAVTS - Enterprise Architecture Visualization Tool Survey

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