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Agile Enterprise Architecture Management

Last modified Jan 22, 2017


Continuous business, technical, and regulatory changes constantly force organizations to transform. Enterprise architecture (EA) management provides an engineering approach for the continuous advancement of the enterprise as a whole. The high number of involved components and their dense web of interdependencies nevertheless form a major challenge for such approach and demand high initial investment into documentations, communications,and analysis. Aforementioned fact has in the past been an impediment for successful EA management in practice. In the field of software engineering recently lightweight and agile methods have become more and more important. These methods aim at quickly creating results, while staying flexible in respect to the design goals to attain.

This research is set out to clear the nebulous state of organizational factors influencing EA management; a first step was an expert survey which involved 105 industry participants from 50 international organizations located in 10 different countries. 

Research Questions

  • What typical challenges of EA management can be addressed applying agile methods, e.g. provided by Scrum?

  • Do prevalent EA management frameworks and approaches account for agile methods?

  • What are suitable agile principles from other domains, e.g., software engineering, for EA management?


  • Develop and agile method for EA management

  • Define minimum necessary artifacts for a lean EA management



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