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Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

Last modified Mar 14
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The cooperation of variuos actors and organisations is at the core of modern services. On a technical level these cooperations are often based on ecosystems and platform ecosystems consisting of multiple IT systems that communicate via APIs. A prominent example is GAIA-X, which takes a federated approach to cloud computing and is an international cooperation. However, the design and management of such ecosystems is challenging because of the number of involved actors and IT systems and the extensive data sharing that is necessary. We investigate the analysis, development, and consolidation of (platform) ecosystems and design tools and methods that enable them to thrive despite their complexity.

One particular focus is the privacy and trustworthiness of data in such ecosystems. The bigger ecosystems get, the more sensitive data is shared, and the higher is the efffort to make sure that the data is shared in an appropirate manner. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies such as Differential Privacy can be a remedy in these situations. We investigate the design and application of these technologies.

Current Research Projects



 Privacy Risks of General-Purpose AI Systems:
Stakeholder Perspectives in Europe (PRAISE)


Digital Platform Engineering in the Government Domain






Learn, Apply, Comply: 
Development of Continuing Education Materials
on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 

Differential Privacy



Completed Research Projects

Completed research projects can be found here.