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Master's Thesis Johann Arendt

Last modified Dec 19, 2016

Connected Mobility Ecosystem Explorer – Concept and Agile Development



The TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility (TUM-LLCM) is an interdisciplinary research project, supported by the Free state of Bavaria, which combines the fields of informatics and transportation research. The goal is to support the digital transformation in the areas of smart mobility and smart city.

The goal is to research how existing knowledge can be documented in a way that it can later be reused. The existing knowledge has to be structured and entered into an Information System. The process of gathering, structuring and entering data will be elaborated upon in the thesis and examples will be provided. A key interest lies in the relationships between existing connected mobility ecosystem members. Different types of relationships will be identified and documented.

Finally, methods of visualizing the documented data will be researched and implemented in prototype form.

Research Questions

  1. How can existing knowledge about the connected mobility ecosystem be aggregated and documented in a reusable fashion?
  2. Which types of relationships exist between connected mobility ecosystem members and how can these be documented?
  3. How can the acquired knowledge from 1. and 2. be visualized?


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