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Fatih Yilmaz

Last modified Nov 13

Faculty of Informatics
Chair of Informatics 19
Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis)    

Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München, Germany

Phone  +49 89 289-17131
Fax +49 89 289-17136
Email fatih.yilmaz [at]


Room FMI 01.12.055
Office hours: by appointment


Matheus Hauder             Matheus Hauder


Open thesis topics

I am looking for motivated students interested in Enterprise Architecture Management research. Contact me for further information.

Open positions

I am looking for student assistants to support my research activities. Contact me for further information.

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Yilmaz joined the chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems at the Technical University Munich in February 2018. In cooperation with the IRT GmbH he currently investigates the opportunities of a purposive Data Architecture in a cross-media environment. Before joining sebis, he worked as a Junior Enterprise Architect at BCG Platinion, where he mainly assessed Application Architecture complexity. Mr. Yilmaz holds a M.Sc. in Information Systems.


Research Interests

Enterprise Architecture Management

Business Ecosystem

Business Capability Management

Application Portfolio Management




Yilmaz, F.; Matthes, F.: Investigating the Challenges of European Public Service Media Companies from an Enterprise Architecture Point of View. 14th Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research Workshop (TEAR 2019), Paris, France.


Aleatrati Khosroshahi, P.; Beese, J.; Yilmaz, F.; Matthes, F.; Winter, R.: Key Performance Indicators for a capability-based Application Portfolio Management. 12th Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research Workshop (TEAR 2017), Québec City, Canada.



Term Level Title Type Role


Master Strategic IT Management & Enterprise Architecture Management Lecture Organizer
Summer 2019 Master EAM Miniprojekte  Seminar  Advisor
Summer 2019 Master Gründung und Führung kleiner softwareorientierter Unternehmen  Seminar Organizer
Winter 2018/2019 Master Strategisches IT-Management & Enterprise Architecture Management Lecture Advisor
Winter 2018/2019 Master Master Lab Course Web Applications Seminar Advisor
Summer 2018 Master Web Application Engineering Lecture Advisor
Summer 2018 Master  EAM Miniprojekte Seminar  Advisor
Summer 2018 Master Gründung und Führung kleiner softwareorientierter Unternehmen Seminar Advisor

Winter 2017/2018

Master Strategisches IT-Management & Enterprise Architecture Management Lecture Advisor