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Martin Kleehaus

Last modified Feb 21
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Software Engineering of Business Information Systems

Ernst Denert-Stiftungslehrstuhl
Chair of Informatics 19
Department of Informatics
Technische Universität München

Boltzmannstraße 3, D-85748 Garching

Phone +49 89 289-17105
Fax +49 89 289-17136
martin.kleehaus [at]

Room FMI 01.12.057
Office hours by appointment

Martin Kleehaus



Curriculum Vitae & Research Interests

I'm a research associate at the chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems (sebis) at the Technische Universität München since January 2016. I'm holding a master's degree in Wirtschaftsinformatik from the Technische Universität München.

After my studies i worked two years as a IT Consultant at IBM Germany. I contributed in the following projects:

  • ETL process modeling (IBM Data Stage)
  • Database query optimization (SAP BW, Hadoop)
  • Sentiment analysis (SAP HANA, Watson)
  • Datawarehousing with SAP HANA


Research Interests

  • Database Architectures
  • Data Monitoring and Analytics
  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • Machine Learning Use Cases


Current Projects



[Kl17] Kleehaus, M.; Uludag, Ö.; Matthes, F.: Towards a Multi-Layer IT Infrastructure Monitoring Approach based on Enterprise Architecture Information, 2nd Workshop on Continuous Software Engineering, Hannover, 2017
[Kl16] Kleehaus, M.; Landthaler, J.; Huth, D.; Matthes, F.: Multi-Layer Monitoring and Visualization, TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility State of the Art Report, Pages 90 - 110, München, Germany, 2016
[La16] Landthaler, J.; Kleehaus, M.; Matthes, F.: Multi-level Event And Anomaly Correlation Based on Enterprise Architecture Information, 12th International Workshop on Enterprise & Organizational Modeling and Simulation: EOMAS, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016
Kleehaus, M.: Evaluierung der Möglichkeiten zur Leistungsoptimierung von SAP BW Systemen durch Migration auf Hauptspeicher-Datenbanksysteme, Master Thesis, TUM
Kleehaus, M.: Darstellung einer In-Memory Datenbank am Beispiel des hybriden Ansatzes von SAP, Bachelor Thesis, University of Passau



SS16 Master Software Engineering for Business Applications - Master Course Lecture & Projects Organizer
WS1617 Master Master Lab Course Web Applications Project Organizer
SS16 Master Software Engineering for Business Applications - Master Course Lecture & Projects Advisor