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Social Software Engineering

Social software engineering is concerned with social aspects of software and systems development and the development of social software solutions.

In both areas our chair has a decade-long history of successfully completed resarch and development projects

This research is impossible to conduct without strong collaboration with industry, where the complex combination of various stakeholders, domain specificity, and software development processes pose new challenges for the research area to cope with. Therefore, we are permanently looking for new partners to solve complex problems using our experience and recent developments. More details could be found on the pages about our current or completed projects.

In case you have any questions, or would like to collaborate with us, please, do not hesitate to contact one of our responsible team members.


Current Research Projects




Architecture Management Enabler

for Leading Industrial software


 Klym Shumaiev

Manoj Mahabaleshwar


Collaboration Environment

Felix Michel

Meta Model based

Natural Language Generation

for Automatic Abstractive

Text Summarization


Daniel Braun

Supporting User Interface

Innovations on Legacy

Information Systems


Adrian Hernandez-Mendez

Refugee Volunteer Application

(Volunteer App)

Felix Michel

Personalised Connected Care

for Complex Chronic Patients


Felix Michel





Completed research projects

in the area of 

Social Content and

Software Engineering






See also our completed social sofware engineering projects.