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Legal AI Use Case Radar 2024 Released!


The Legal AI Use Case Radar was released on July 12 by the sebis chair, backed by a team of Florian Matthes and his research associates Stephen Meisenbacher, Nektarios Machner, and Juraj Vladika.

Following a year and half of research, the team has compiled the findings of their work into this online resource, along with a companion report, titled the Legal AI Use Case Radar 2024 Report. Together, these resources aim to provide clarity on the current state of the Legal AI landscape, with the primary goal on answering: what are the use cases for which Legal AI is being employed?

Focusing our study on the German-speaking region, the course of our study involved over 50 interviews with legal practitioners and Legal AI solution providers, as well as an in-depth literature of underlying NLP technologies for Legal AI. An online survey was also conducted to validate the findings, specifically the collection of use cases for Legal AI.

The team invites you to explore the Legal AI Use Radar website, where you can find the radar itself, a comprehensive wiki-style use case repository, and dedicated experience reports outlining interview findings in an objective manner.

The radar can be accessed at https://legal-ai-radar.deand the companion report can be found either on the website or via TUM's online digital library: 

We hope you enjoy learning about the (many) use cases of Legal AI!

SAP@TUM Collaboration Day

SAP and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) maintain close collaboration in the context of the Industry-on-Campus strategy. As part of this partnership, the SAP@TUM Collaboration Lab, an initiative of the SAP Industry-University Collaboration Hub and the sebis chair, supports joint projects between SAP and TUM. The SAP@TUM Collaboration Lab promotes applied research projects, knowledge exchange, co-innovation and communication between both partners.

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the first SAP@TUM Collaboration Day took place at the Science Congress Center on the campus in Garching. TUM researchers and SAP experts came together to provide insights into eight joint research projects around topics of Enterprise AI, Supply Network Planning, ESG&Finance, Scaling Agile and Digital Transformation. Two of those projects in the area of Enterrpise AI and Scaling Agile are exectued and were presented by our doctoral students Anum AfzalPascal Philipp and Franziska Tobisch. The event was opened by TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann and SAP Executive Board member Thomas Saueressig. Besides the numerous exciting presentations and related discussions, the event setup allowed a lively exchange between the more than 100 participants on site. In addition, around 400 participants of SAP and TUM followed the presentations online. 

For more information about this event and the SAP@TUM Collaboration, please visit the following website: and subscribe to our newsletter.

Article on Ethereum's Merge to PoS published by Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange approached sebis to write articles on topics from the blockchain ecosystem for their academy blog. Burak Öz wrote an article on the future of Ethereum with Proof-of-Stake. You can read the article here:

Article on MEV published by Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange approached sebis to write articles on topics from the blockchain ecosystem for their academy blog. Burak Öz wrote his first article on maximal extractable value (MEV) and the value of information in blockchains. You can read the article here:

Paper accepted at i-KNOW 2012

The paper "Multi-faceted context-dependent knowledge organisation with TACKO" was accepted at the i-KNOW 2012 conference.

In the paper, the author team Florian Matthes, Christian Neubert, and Alexander Steinhoff introduce TACKO, a novel organization scheme that is inspired by the flexibility of tagging systems and incorporates elements of hierarchical and faceted organization schemes.