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MaSt03 - Weblogs for Supporting Communities of Practice

Publication in Sebis Public Website     enterprise 2.0 enterprise information system collaboration research project communication weblogs 2003 knowledge management k-logs groupware communities of practice publication

Publication Abstract This paper presents weblogs as an innovative instrument for personal knowledge ,knowledge management,publication,research project,weblogs Publication Address München File 030126-FM-KS

Bu11i - Towards an agile design of the enterprise architecture...

Publication in Sebis Public Website     eam scrum ea management 2011 agile methods enterprise architecture publication

Publication Abstract Enterprise architecture (EA) management provides an engineering approach for architecture,publication,scrum Publication Research project Key Bu11i Citation Buckl, S.; Matthes, F management function Type of publication File tear2011_final.pdf Year 2011 Address Helsinki Authors Dr

Ma08b - Softwarekartographie

Journal in Sebis Public Website     journal 2008 publication

right of the text Show to the right of the text Show to the right of the text 2008,journal,publication

Ha13c - Supporting Collaborative Product Development through Automated Interpretation of Artifacts

Publication in Sebis Public Website     inproceedings publication

Publication Abstract Organizations are increasingly challenged by the complexity of products and text Show to the right of the text inproceedings,publication Publication Acronym BMSD 2013 Type of publication Title Supporting Collaborative Product Development Through Automated Interpretation of

Bu09l - Using Enterprise Architecture Management Patterns to complement...

Article in Sebis Public Website     2009 eam article eam pattern inproceedings publication

of the text 2009,article,eam,eam pattern,inproceedings,publication Article Authors Dr. Sabine

Ha11b - Making Data Analysis Expertise Broadly Accessible through Workflows

Publication in Sebis Public Website     semantic workflow 2011 inproceedings scientific workflow text analytics publication

Publication Abstract The demand for advanced skills in data analysis spans many areas of science ,publication,scientific workflow,semantic workflow,text analytics Publication Address Seattle, USA File Ha11b .pdf Type of publication Citation Hauder, M., Gil, Y., Sethi, R., Liu, Y., & Jo, H. (2011). Making

Article on Enterprise 2.0 Tool Analysis at KMIS 2009

Text Page in Sebis Research News  last modified Mar 31, 2010 by Thomas Büchner.    enterprise 2.0 social software knowledge management systems enterprise 2.0 software publication web-based collaboration

2.0 Tools has been accepted for publication at the International Conference on Knowledge Management ,publication,social software,web-based collaboration Text Page /Sebis Research News/_

LMW05c - User-Centered Social Software - Beyond Closed Community Platforms

Publication in Sebis Public Website     2005 publication

Publication Abstract This paper gives a structural overview of social software and its use for content aggregation and publication. We then extend this view to a user-centered perspective. We propose ,publication Publication Address Citation Lehel, V.; Matthes, F.; Wei, S.: User-Centered Social , Lehrstuhl Informatik 19, Technischer Bericht 0501, Juni 2005. Type of publication File 050802-LMW

Article on EAM Patterns published in Architecture & Governance Magazine

Text Page in Sebis Research News  last modified Mar 31, 2010 by Thomas Büchner.    publication

Architecture & Governance Magazine Not template related Hide Hide Hide publication Text Page /Sebis Research News/_

Io06 - Advances in Database Technology - EDBT 2006

Book in Sebis Public Website     2006 book publication

,book,publication Book Authors Ioannidis Y.E. Scholl M.H. Schmidt J.W. Hatzopoulos M. Böhm K. Kemper A

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