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Ha13e - Tool Support for Conflict Resolution of Models for Automated Enterprise Architecture Documentation

Last modified Oct 30, 2013


Enterprise Architecture management seeks to mutually align business and IT while fostering flexibility to react upon environment changes appropriately. Highly distributed data within the entire enterprise is collected to facilitate decision making processes during enterprise transformations. At the same time enterprise architects and EA stakeholders have new and arising questions hard to predict in advance. Visualizations are a common means for decision makers to analyze complex information about the entire enterprise. Thereby, these visualizations are commonly generated using model-driven approaches. Although, a common set of best-practice EA visualization types could be distilled, their actual binding to underlying data and organization-specific configuration is still challenging for business users. In order to cope with this challenge, this demo1 paper presents a configurator for EA visualizations end-users without an IT background are able to create spontaneously.


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