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Al14 - Impact of Solvency II on the Enterprise Architecture of Insurances - A Qualitative Study in Germany

Last modified Apr 24, 2015


In 2007, the European commission suggested a new framework directive for insurance companies, called Solvency II. This directive defines a three-Pillar approach regarding Solvency- / Minimum Capital requirements (Pillar I), requirements regarding governance and risk management (Pillar II) and disclosure and transparency requirements (Pillar III). This scientific paper gives an overview of the major challenges and the general impact of Solvency II on the Enterprise Architecture (EA) management of insurance companies. Furthermore, we discover general strategies that were defined for implementing the Solvency II requirements from an IT-perspective. We conduct expert interviews with participants from the insurance sector to discover impacts of Solvency II on the EA. The results can be used to prepare more effective for upcoming projects that refer to regulatory requirements with insurance and related industries.