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Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog V2 (2015)

Last modified Mar 23, 2018


About the EAMPC V2:

The chair for Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis) at TUM published the Enterprise Architecture Management Pattern Catalog (EAMPC) in 2008; a collection of best practices, patterns and guidance’s to establish an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) function within enterprises.

The Sebis chair is going to publish a new version of the EAMPC in September 2015. Hence, we will start with a new online Survey to get the latest EAM insights from the industry.

The objective of the EAMPC V2 is to complement existing enterprise architecture EAM frameworks, which provide a holistic and generic view on the problem of EAM , and to provide additional detail and guidance needed to systematically establish EAM in a step-wise fashion within an enterprise.

The EAMPC V2 includes information and dependencies to the following EAM dimensions:

ŸArchitecture principles: What kind of architecture principles have an impact on the management of your EAM?
Influence factors: What kind of internal or external influence factors affect the management of your EAM?Ÿ
Concerns: Which goals do you want to be achieve with EAM activities? Which stakeholder/s deal/s with the specific concern?Ÿ
EAM methods: What kind of methods do you use to manage your EA? What kind of steps do you consider in the respective EAM method?
Visualizations: Which diagrams, figures, documents, etc. help to illustrate the current status of your concerns?Ÿ
Information Model: What kind of classes / information do you consider in your (central) EA model?Ÿ

A conceptual overview of the EAMPC V2 can be found below.


Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes
Chair for Informatics 19 (sebis)
Software Engineering for Business Information Systems
TU MünchenFaculty for Informatics