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Call for Papers and Submissions

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Workshop at the Software Engineering 2010conference in Paderborn, February 22nd - 23rd, 2010

There is a growing interest in academia and industry to identify, collect, document, and exchange best practices for the management of very large application landscapes. The workshop brings together European researchers and practitioners with experience in enterprise architecture management related topics.

Call for Papers


  • Enterprise-wide requirements engineering
  • Application portfolio management
  • IT architecture management
  • Adaptive enterprise architectures
  • Business-IT alignment
  • Service-oriented design of enterprise architectures
  • Modeling languages for enterprise architectures
  • Metrics for application landscapes and enterprise architectures
  • Modeling, simulation  and monitoring of enterprise performance
  • Usage of architectural blueprints and architectural standards
  • Analysis of enterprise architectures
  • Frameworks and methods for enterprise architecture management
  • Enterprise architectures  for the extended enterprise
  • Social aspects of enterprise architecture management
  • Tool support for enterprise architecture management
  • Use of software design models for runtime application management
  • Obtaining simplicity from enterprise architecture management
  • Service-oriented combination of CSD and standard software packages
  • Enterprise architecture management in transformation programs (mergers, carve outs)


The workshop pursues a twofold approach to the above topics:

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit EAM patterns (up to 15 pages) for the writers’ workshop, presenting general, reusable solutions to common EA management problems. These patterns identify driving forces, known usages, and consequences of the observed solutions and can be specified on different levels of abstraction, e.g. as a framework for EAs, as a method for enterprise modeling, or as a reference model. Accepted EAM patterns get an in-depth shepherding by an experienced pattern author. Further information on the shepherding process and writer’s workshops can be found at

Researchers can also submit traditional research papers (up to 10 pages) related to the workshop topics. These will be evaluated on the basis of originality, importance of contribution, soundness, quality of presentation, and appropriate comparison to related work by members of the program committee.

All papers must be written in English to facilitate an international reviewing process and must be submitted electronically via EasyChair. Additional author information can be found here:

The workshop addresses:

  • researchers in software engineering and information systems
  • IT managers, enterprise architects, software architects and IT consultants.

Therefore, we seek contributions in the following areas (non-exclusive):

  • specific EAM patterns derived from case studies or research projects,
  • organization of EAM patterns,
  • usage of EAM patterns and beste practices in industry or in education, and
  • empirical studies on EAM pattern adoption.

Important Dates

Submission deadline for EAM pattern papers

Notification of acceptance to sheparding process 16.12.2009
Shepherding iterations (tentative) 23.12.2009, 11.01.2009, 20.01.2010
Submission deadline for research papers 11.01.2010
Workshop version of EAM pattern papers 25.01.2010
Notification of acceptance for research
and pattern papers
Final version research papers &
workshop version EAM pattern papers

22.02.2010 (13:00-17:00) and
23.02.2010 (10:00-17:00)

Final version of EAM pattern papers 10.03.2010