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Master's Thesis - Irena Stoilova

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Motivation and Goal

While Amazon has made it mandatory for teams to provide partner APIs for every system [1], other organizations aim to use incentives to motivate teams to share functionality internally. Sharing functionality using partner APIs does not only enable reuse of functionality but also creates new potentials with regards to opening up and monetizing functionality externally. However, providing partner APIs creates additional effort, since the API has to be designed and maintained. Therefore, the goal of this thesis is to identify incentive mechanisms which motivate teams to open systems to other teams using partner APIs.

The Thesis should answer the following research questions:

  • RQ1: What are the challenges and existing incentive mechanisms motivating teams to provide partner APIs? (Literature Review)
  • RQ2: What incentive mechanism/mix of incentive mechanisms can be applied in a real-world setting? (Interviews)
  • RQ3: Is the chosen incentive mechanism/mix of incentive mechanisms effective? (Case study)


Industry Partner

This project is conducted in cooperation with Siemens AG. Employment as a master student at Siemens is required.



  • Basic knowledge of strategic IT management
  • Master student of Informatics, Information Systems, or Management and Technology (TUM-BWL)
  • Fluent in English and German


Type of thesis

  • Master Thesis or Guided Research
  • The thesis is predominantly conceptual in nature



Please send your (1) CV and (2) Transcript of records to 



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