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Selected Projects SS 2012

Shake your smoothie

  • pre-selected and customized smoothies for everyone
  • Smoothies can be created individually and ordered on the website
  • sharing of customized smoothies
  • designing bottles
  • rate and share information 

Business to Students

  • connection between highly qualified students and companies
  • Profiles for both students and companies
  • search feature
  • possibility to feature and rate projects


  • bring together people who own tools and those who need them
  • allow easy contacting
  • offer a broad selection of tools
  • connect local do-it-yourselfers

Dine in time

  • book a table at a certain time in their favorite restaurant
  • invite friends or colleagues to join
  • preorder food and drinks
  • pay in advance (optional)

Online Sports Organization

  • establish communication between amateur sportsmen
  • organize team events
  • collect and evaluate player/team statistics

  • set up a web-platform for retirement homes
  • easy navigation
  • extended search features
  • provide both content and usability

Soup Love

  • set up a online shop for soup
  • enable customization of instant-soups
  • deliver to-go-sized cup portions
  • address busy people who want to eat conscious


  • Set up a sharing platform
  • connect people who need utilities and those who offer utilities (e.G. companies)
  • easy navigation 
  • search feature