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Advanced Topics of Software Engineering

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Course News ASE is offered by the chair of Prof. Pretschner this semester. Weekly schedule Mo Hide ase,course,lecture,master,software architectures,teaching,tutor Course Exam Written Acronym


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Course Ort & Zeit: Am 16.5.2011: 16:15 bis 17:45 im Raum MI 01.10.011 ansonsten: Montags von 17:45 /_/Proseminar Not template related Show to the right of the text Show below the text Hide 2011,course,it Course Level Bachelor Type Seminar Room Exam Written Language Deutsch Rhythm On demand Maximum number

SEBA Master - Web Application Engineering

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Course News General information about the presentations is updated below Guest lecture announced course. The others (FPSO 2008 WiSe 13) receive 5 ECTS, however with a reduced workload. Students in any other program with FPSO 2018 or newer receive 8 ECTS for this course. The others can choose each of the team members is registered for the lecture in TUMonline. Over the course of the (FPSO 2018)). Content The master course Web Application Engineering provides the necessary