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Workshop Softwarearchitektur - Abstraktion und Visualisierung 2011

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in Hamburg Veranstalter Claus Lewerentz , BTU Cottbus Florian Matthes, TU München Andreas Rausch Matthes (TU München) Daniel Moldt (Universität Hamburg) Matthias Naa b(Fraunhofer IESE) Matthias (Hamburger Berater Team) Christian Zoller (C1 WPS) Impuls-Vorträge (Vortragsfolien) Florian Matthes Querverweise zu relevanten Vorträgen aus der Hauptveranstaltung (Vortragsfolien) Florian Matthes: Was ist ,fachgruppe,gesellschaft für informatik,hamburg,lewerentz,matthes,rausch,softwarearchitektur,visualisierung Text Page /Sebis Public Website/_

Tabular CV Florian Matthes

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Lebenslauf Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes

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Prof Dr. Matthes leitet seit 2002 den Lehrstuhl für Software Engineering betrieblicher Bhat, M.; Shumaiev, K.; Biesdorf, A.; Hohenstein, U.; Matthes, F.: Automatic extraction of design .; Matthes, F.: Extending Full Text Search for Legal Document Collections using Word Embeddings, Jurix (3) [Al16] Aleatrati Khosroshahi, P.; Hauder, M.; Matthes ,F.: Analyzing the Evolution and . (5) Reschenhofer, T.; Matthes, F.: Empowering End-users to Collaboratively Manage and Analyze

Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes

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to Garching Room: 1.12.54 (click for campus maps) Since 2002 Florian Matthes holds the chair for Nastaran Matthes are proud parents of two daughters. [switch to German version] Academic Information Follow me Twitter Feed /Sebis Public Website/Team/Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes Not template related Show to the right of the text Hide Hide curriculum vitae,florian,lebenslauf,matthes,photo,sap,sebis,staff 170731 Florian Matthes.png Skype f1matthes Twitter @matthes Position Full Professor Secretary Aline

Florian Matthes

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User Florian Matthes Visit my Academic Profile to learn more about me and my interests. English (en) florian,matthes,professor User Academic Title Last Name E-Mail Anrede Herr Business Phone Web-Page First Name Job Title Company Department