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Bu11i - Towards an agile design of the enterprise architecture...

Publication in Sebis Public Website     eam scrum ea management 2011 agile methods enterprise architecture publication

EAM KPI Catalog V1.0 published

Text Page in Sebis Research News     eam kpi catalog eam sebis key performance indocator catalog forschung v 1.0 ea management 2012 kpi enterprise architecture management

Bu10g - A Generative Approach for Creating Stakeholder-specific...

Article in Sebis Public Website     model transformation article viewpoints views ea management 2010 publication

Bu10r - A Modeling Language for Describing EA Management Methods

Article in Sebis Public Website     methods business process model notation eam article modeling ea management modeling language 2010 inproceedings publication

EAM KPI Catalog

Research Project in /Sebis Public Website/Research/Completed Research Projects/Completed EAM projects     eam kpis research project ea management eam kpi catalo 2012 kpi enterprise architecture management

Bu09i - A Pattern-based Approach to Quantitative Enterprise Architecture...

Article in Sebis Public Website     dependency modeling 2009 eam article quantitative analysis modeling ea management eam pattern inproceedings probabilistic relational models ea analysis publication