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Autonomous Company

Last modified Jul 5, 2021


The idea of this research project is to investigate how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can be exploited to establish fully-automated software engineering project management processes, including project acquisition, agile project management, and project completion. This research project is performed in close collaboration with our project partner Motius GmbH (


Research Goals

Within this research project, we aim to:

  • Identify potential KPIs within the domain of agile software development,
  • Create a KPI catalog consisting of important KPIs to assess and monitor agile software projects,
  • Develop a web-based KPI dashboard to manage agile software project teams,
  • Leverage NLP techniques to gain insights regarding the sentiment within agile teams, and
  • Perform social network analysis to visualize agile team dynamics and to reveal potential communication and collaboration improvements.


 KPI Catalog

One artifact that is created during the project is the KPI catalog. It will contain a wide range of carefully selected metrics which are essential for evaluating and monitoring the performance of agile software projects. Once the final version of the KPI catalog is available, it will be published here.

For more information about the project, please contact: Pascal Philipp (