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Ha12a - Generating dynamic cross-organizational process visualizations...

Last modified Aug 10, 2012


Visualizations are a common means to perform analyses of business processes. In a collaborating environment these visualizations are based on an underlying organization- specific information model reflecting the most important entities and their interrelationships. For dynamic business processes with changing participants existing solutions apply ontologies to create an integrated information model at runtime. However, these solutions do not provide any guidance with regards to the generation of cross-organizational process visualizations originating from a dynamically integrated information model. To overcome this challenge, this paper applies pattern matching techniques between the integrated information model and abstract view models which capture the information demands for generating a specific visualization. After having motivated the topic, a conceptual model enabling the generation of ad-hoc inter-enterprise visualizations is presented. By means of an example, we further show how a pattern matching approach can be applied to create visualizations which are based on integrated arbitrary information models. 

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