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Bu07a - A Pattern based Approach for constructing Enterprise...

Last modified Apr 3, 2012


This paper sketches an approach to designing organization-specific information models for Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management based on patterns. Thus we intend to support the construction of EA Management information models in research and practice, a field we view in need of approaches to manage the complexity of such models. Contributing to this complexity are the wide spread domains (e.g. processes, technical architecture, strategic issues) that are involved in EA Management. Moreover, this complexity burdens in practice both using existing information models and creating a new information model. This necessitates approaches to manage this complexity. Our contribution in this respect lies in the introduction of patterns into the field of EA Management information models. Thereby, other approaches, as e.g. structuring the information models into layers, are complemented by the possibility to reuse pre-existing solutions to address EA Management issues.

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