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Bachelorarbeit Robin Otto

Last modified Oct 25, 2016
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Implementation and Analysis of a Gamification Approach for User Integration into a Mobility Application via Crowdsourcing

To establish a successful mobility ecosystem and influence users’ mobility behaviour, it is necessary to provide users with real time data regarding the different transportation modes. One source to gain real time data is by integrating a critical quantity of end users as data providers via crowdsourcing. Thereby the motivation of the crowd to participate is crucial for the success of crowdsourcing initiatives.

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to motivate end users to provide information about the crowdedness of public transportations in Munich. The collected information should be integrated into further aspects of a mobility ecosystem, in the TUM LLCM context, for added value and should be accessible in real time and for statistical purposes. Existing application with such features will be analysed and included in the approach to benefit from successful and unsuccessful applications.

To achieve these goals an application will be implemented, which will be accessible for end users. To motivate the users gamification aspects will be implemented and evaluated in regard of their success for a continuous involvement of users. The application will be “easy to use”, as this is one focus during the implementation.

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