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Masterthesis Thomas Dierl

Last modified Jun 10, 2015

The enourmous complexity that arises while developing Enterprise architecture (EA) management functions is very challenging. To cope with this complexity Buckl et al. ([Bu10]) developed the Building Block for Enterprise Architecture Management Solutions (BEAMS) approach that allows to handle the inherent complexity of the task. Although this approach reduces the arising complexity, tool support is an important part of the approach for designing an appropriate and semantic correct EA management function. Therfore, it is necessary to develop a specialized modeling tool, called BEAMS configurator, for modeling method building blocks and EA management functions. This thesis elicits the requirements for the BEAMS configurator, according to the different stakeholders and the requirements derived
from the BEAMS approach. Furthermore, this thesis proposes an appropriate design for the implementation of the tool. This design evaluates the usage of different existing frameworks to speed up the implementation of the tool and allow providing a first implementation more quickly. Furthermore, this allows to improve existing frameworks and reduces updating efforts. Finally, a prototypic implementationis part of this thesis.
While implementing the protoype deep insights into modeling of building blocks have been gained and improvements for the BEAMS configurator were realized. Nevertheless, potential for improvement is still present, as for example further assistance within the modeling editor while layouting and sizing elements. During the implementation of a first working version difficult parts of the tool were done and a production ready version of the Model editor for the organized collection of building blocks was deployed and improvement proposals were received from users. These proposals show further possibilities to improve the user satisfaction while modeling method building blocks.

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