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Bachelor's Thesis Jenny Cheng

Last modified Apr 30, 2015


The concepts of business process management and workflow management have been established for many years. Yet often enough the business processes of companies do not serve the purpose for which they were originally designated: efficiency and effectiveness. These problems can either be caused by structural or technological deficiencies.  Some business processes may have developed historically, inheriting waste, making them unnecessarily complex and slow in processing. Another crucial factor for the efficiency of a process can be the right choice of tools in order to adequately aid the tasks at hand.

This thesis is written in cooperation with Sky Deutschland AG. It analyzes the IT project management process of the company, defines the work tasks of the process and their interdependencies to different entities throughout the company. As a result a software solution is developed which optimizes the processing and handling of project budgets throughout an IT project life cycle. This enables faster and easier access to real-time data and clearer tracking and reporting of current project expenses.

Sky Deutschland AG has already integrated a software named Serena Business Manager (SBM) which supports the development of process and workflow-based applications. It is currently in use for their IT project life cycle and release management. The new solution is also developed within SBM and latches on to the already existing application.

The integration into the same system offers the user a more homogeneous working experience with fewer media breaks and allows collaborative work between teams and business departments.


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