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Alexander Waldmann

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Where am I ?  Location at TUM

Faculty of Informatics
Chair of Informatics 19
Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis)

Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching bei München, Germany

Room FMI 01.12.057

Office hours for students: Mondays, 1pm - 2pm or by appointment


Who am I ? Shortened Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Waldmann is a research associate at the chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems (sebis) at the Technische Universität München since Sept. 2014. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science from the Technische Universität München.
Prior to his academic work at sebis he was a visiting student at MIT AgeLab (Cambridge, USA) focusing on exploring data through visual and interactive developer tools. In 2012 he was an international student at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden). Alexander has worked for a small start-up and was a free developer and consultant for academic institutions (including TU-Dortmund and MIT) in the area of project management, knowledge management, educational software, mobile development and technological trends.

Why you (as a student) want to contact me !  And how I can help

If you share any interest in my research field and are an excelling student we will certainly fit together. Contact me to ask about opportunities or to present your ideas. Working (thesis, projects etc.) with me means focusing on cutting edge technology and a new and growing field, namely social software engineering. Just write me an email, call me or come over during my office hours. I'm very approachable!
To get a feeling for my work and how I conquer problems you are welcome to take a look at my publications or my master thesis  ("Development of a Visualization System for The Interactive Exploration of Linked Data"). Please see the Student resources if you search for anything specific.

What am I doing ? Research Interests

Alex is interested in everything that is covered by the terms (vertical) social software (engineering), web applications, web technologies, (big) data visualization and analytics, api / framework design, awareness and knowledge transfer / problem solving though his academic focus lies on the first one. Social software enigeneering focuses on the human and social aspects of software and its development. One important aspect of said field is collaboration. The currently fast growing ecosystem of web technologies (frameworks, full-stack solutions and the use of modern languages) act as an enabler for social software and are therefore highly interesting for him as well. 

Where will you see me ? Teaching

Alex is teaching different courses each Semester. Please contact the orgnizer of a course if you have any questions that are not specifically targeted at him.


WS 2015MScAdvanced Software EngineeringOrganizer, Lecturer, Exercises
SS 2015MSc / BScIN0014, IN2107: Web Technologies - Frameworks, Libraries and PlattformsOrganzier, Lecturer
SS 2015BScIN9006Gründung und Führung kleiner softwareorientierter Unternehmen Advisor
WS 2014/2015MScIN2106Master Lab Course Web ApplicationsLecturer, Advisor
WS 2014/2015 BScIN2085Software Engineering für betriebliche Anwendungen  Exercises
 WS 2014/2015MSc IN2088Software Architecture Exam team




B. Reimer, B. Mehler, S. Arredondo, C. Gulash, J. P. Foley, A. Waldmann, „The MIT AgeLab n-back: a multi-modal android application implementation“, In AutomotiveUI '14 Adjunct, Sep 17-19 2014, Seattle, WA, USA, ACM 978-1-4503-0725-3/14/09.



A. Waldmann, D. Ismailović, J. Haladjian, and B. Brügge; "A framework approach for module-based adaptive serious games". In IADIS Game and Entertainment Techonologies, 2012 (GET 2012)PDF



A. Waldmann, N. Kammenhuber; "Forgotten DTNs: Mailbox-Networks and UUCP"In Proceedings of the Seminars Future Internet (FI) and Innovative Internet Technologies and Mobile Communications (IITM), Page 125-135, July 2011. PDF