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Personal Mobility Data - Threats and Opportunities.

Last modified Jul 11, 2019
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Mobility service platforms provided by companies like Google are as popular as they are convenient to use. Initially offering only basic navigation services, they have evolved to full service market places for mobility. With the rise of these mobility service platforms, the question whether it is a win-win situation must be asked. Possible disadvantages are the exclusion of regional service providers, loss of control and influence over traffic developments for the general public and intransparent terms and conditions, leaving the users unaware of the collection and processing of their data. We motivate the search for alternative, user-centered
operating models for an entity that acts as an intermediary between the service providers and its users. Its objective is to provide a comparable service quality while addressing the identified disadvantages. It is necessary to consider an interdisciplinary effort to investigate, among others, legal, technical and social factors.

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