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Guided Research Björn Kirschner

Last modified Jun 10, 2015

Implementation of collaborative data and schema conflict resolution in EA repositories




Enterprise Architecture (EA) management relies on solid and up-to-date information about the current state of an EA. Yet manual gathering of relevant data has proved to be error-prone, time-consuming and expensive. First steps towards automated EA documentation already have been taken, but reveal shortcomings concerning the aggregation of multiple information sources.

In this work we refine an existing solution for the creation of EA models by collaboratively empowering stakeholders to evolve the underlying information model. To address the matter of collaborative work on an EAM tool, it implements a light-weight concept of roles related to EAM elements. We specifiy new approaches how these roles can be used conveniently - integrated into a holistic workflow. Thereby the EAM tool will be able to handle multi-user conflicts efficiently yet tolerantly by engaging the responsible role-owners via tasks. Possible concurrent editing and resulting model inconsistencies will be detected automatically and resolved collaboratively via model conflict tasks, which exist alongside maintainance tasks that can be triggered manually.

The concept will be evaluated in a prototype implementation.





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