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Last modified Mar 21

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Main Goal

The Software Campus is a qualification program with the goal of imparting experience, skills and abilities to graduates of computer science and related study programs, accompanying their doctorate, that are essential for achieving a leadership position in business. The Software Campus is jointly funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), with more than 10 industrial partners and 11 research partners.

Elements of the Program

Every year, the program is looking for TUM PhD candidates who are interested in leadership and entrepreneurship topics and would like to try out their research in a corporate context. The core element of the program continues to be the conduct of one’s own IT research project in cooperation with a company. The project runs for 18-24 months and is mostly oriented towards the student’s own doctoral project. The BMBF funds each project to a maximum of €115,000. Hence, participants learn management and leadership in practice, by working with a team that they themselves build and lead. Master’s students involved in a future Software Campus project, led by a doctoral student, may also benefit from individual learning offers and networking opportunities.

Besides, participants build up new knowledge through training sessions hosted by the companies. The training courses address a wide range of topics, from recruiting to innovation management. Each participant completes four training sessions and in doing so has the chance to get to know the hosting industry partner better. The training offer will be extended to include an additional online course, which will be jointly created with the partners.

For information on the application process please visit the Software Campus website.

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