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Literature review on Group Decision Support Tools and Research

Last modified Nov 5, 2014

The modern workplace in postindustrial economies is characterized by teamwork and complex projects/tasks. With the advent of agile management methods such as SCRUM and Kanban, more and more decision processes are delegated to a team instead of individual decision makers.

There is a common, popular stereotype that groups perform better than individuals. However, research in social psychology has shown that this preconception does not necessarily hold true (e.g. hidden profiles). 

The goal of this BSc/MSc thesis is to review the current state-of-the-art in the area of group decision support in literature and practice (e.g. software support). The student will learn how to find, evaluate and structure information in a systematic way. In addition, the student will learn more about the foundations of group decision research.

Relevant domains

Social psychology, decision analysis research, collaborative information systems, social software, gamification

Learning objectives for the student

  • Familiarize herself/himself with the area of group decision making
  • Learn how to find, evaluate and structure different kinds of information
  • Learn how to conduct literature research and review systematically
  • Learn how to use citation software efficiently

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