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A Task-Centered Framework for Computationally-Grounded Science Collaborations

Last modified Jul 27, 2015


Collaboration is ubiquitous in today’s science, yet there is limited support for coordinating scientific work. The general-purpose tools that are typically used (e.g., email, shared document editing, social coding sites), have still not replaced inperson meetings, phone calls, and extensive emails needed to coordinate and track collaborative activities. Scientists with diverse knowledge and skills around the globe could collaborate by opening scientific processes that expose all tasks and activities publicly to achieve a shared scientific question. This paper describes the Organic Data Science framework to support scientific collaborations that revolve around complex science questions that require significant coordination, entice contributors to remain engaged for extended periods of time, and enable continuous growth to accommodate new contributors as the work evolves over time. We discuss how the design of this framework incorporates principles followed by successful on-line communities. We present initial results to date of several communities that are collaborating using this framework. 

Keywords: Computer interfaces, collaborative work, social computing.



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