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Masterthesis - Katharina Winter

Last modified Feb 7, 2014

In recent years, a plurality of enterprise architecture (EA) management tools has been developed. Companies planning to introduce tool support for their EA management function are forced to conduct laborious evaluations of the various tools. Driven by the demand from industry, the sebis chair of the Technische Universität München carried out two extensive surveys on EA management tools and summarized the results in the Enterprise Architecture Management Tool Survey 2005 and 2008. When looking at the ever changing market of EA management tools, the majority of tools can be described as proprietary. Recently, however, a few open source EA management tools have been contributed by initiators with different backgrounds. In the course of this thesis, the open source EA management tool Essential Project is evaluated in detail by applying the scenario-based approach taken by the Enterprise Architecture Management Tool Survey. The results from this evaluation are subsequently used to compare Essential Project with two other open source EA management tools – iteraplan and Tricia/SyCaTool. Complementing the topic of evaluating EA management tools, an enterprise-specific and scenario-based evaluation guide is proposed. Tool evaluation processes in the context of EA management tools have not yet been considered in scientific literature. Therefore, this thesis sketches an evaluation process, which was developed based on evaluation processes for software products in general and an EA management tool evaluation process conducted in practice.

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