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Anne Faber

Last modified Dec 2, 2016
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Software Engineering of Business Information Systems

Ernst Denert-Stiftungslehrstuhl
Chair of Informatics 19
Department of Informatics
Technische Universität München

Boltzmannstraße 3, D-85748 Garching

Phone +49 89 289-17104
Fax +49 89 289-17136
anne.faber [at]

Room FMI 01.12.055
Office hours by appointment




We are looking for motivated students in the research areaEcosystem Modeling


Curriculum Vitae & Research Interests

Anne Faber is a research associate at the chair for Software Engineering of Business Information Systems (sebis) at the Technische Universität München since January 2016.
She holds a master's degree in Mathematics from the RWTH Aachen University.

After her studies she worked as an IT consultant at GmbH in Cologne, where her main field of activity was IT Risk Management.




TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility
The aim of this project is to deliver innovative contributions regarding the design, the architecture, and the scalable realization of an open,vendor independence 
digital mobility platform. This platform will be developed in a close cooperation with leading companies and will offer small and medium-sized companies a 
marketplace to develop and operate digital mobility services with substantial lower financial, organization and technical effort with the option of networking. 
more here ...

Crowdsourcing and Crowdinnovation

A practice-proven and innovative mechanism to maximize the attractiveness of a platform for relevant user groups is to integrate the end users through suitable 
crowd sourcing- and crowd innovation processes in the further development of the platform, in the development and design of individual services and in the
creation, structuring and valuation of user generated content. These processes include interviews, games, competitions, hackathons, but also thematic-centered
incubators.  more here ...




Student Theses