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Configurable Visualizations for EAM

Last modified Jan 21, 2016


Visualization are a common means to deal with the complexity faced in the young discipline of enterprise architecture (EA) management. Yet, no commonly accepted standard has evolved to visually describe the EA. Similar to information models, in the domain of EA management visualizations tend to be stakeholder-specific and are often handcrafted images.

To address the stakeholder-specific nature of EA visualizations, this research endavor targets to provide visualizations based on semi-structured data enabling end-users to dynamically configure their own visualizations used during the decision making process.


Research Questions

  • Which scenarios should be supported in the context of enterprise architecture (EA) management visualizations?
  • Which particular visualizations are commonly employed for decision making?
  • Which technologies are relevant for Web 2.0-enabled visualizations?


  • Develop a visualization solutions for evaluation at practitioners
  • Evaluate particular visualizations and interaction scenarios at practitioners
  • Decontextualize the concepts applied
  • Provide an overview of current tool support for visualizations employed by EA management



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