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Bachelorthesis Stephan Köhler

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While modern enterprises have to deal with complex and historically grown application landscapes, the demand for flexibility and responsiveness to organizational change increases. A commonly accepted instrument to deal with this challenge is enterprise architecture (EA) management. The EA management function is typically supported by specialized tools, which support communication and collaborative work among the various stakeholders.

In the Enterprise Architecture Management Tool Survey 2008 (EAMTS2008) nine commercial EA management tools have been analyzed and evaluated  in respect to their performance in specific functionalities and their ability to handle typical EA management scenarios. The objective of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the functional range of OpenSource EA management  tools (iteraplan, protege) based on the functionalities and scenarios used in the EAMTS2008. In order to ensure an up-to-date evaluation, the scenarios are revised with the help from an industrial partner.

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