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Bachelorthesis Markus Bauer

Last modified Oct 22, 2014

Information models build the fundamental infrastructure for documenting, i.e. describing, enterprise architectures (EAs). As every enterprise is likely to have its own understanding of EA reflected in a distinct terminology and enterprise-specific information demands, up to now no 'standard information model' for describing EAs has emerged. Nevertheless, different EA management approaches as well as tools for supporting EA management bring along a predefined information model that should be adapted to the specific needs of the using enterprise.

The field of information model adaptation has yet not been explored in-depth, most notably only little is known on the adaptation techniques that the information model users would expect to have. In addition, such knowledge is mostly kept secret by tool vendors and consultancies that help enterprises in establishing an organization-specific EA management. The situation in information model adaptation is far from the comprehensive documentation of techniques in the field of reference model adaptation.

In this thesis, we approach the topic of techniques for information model adaptation in a twofold way. Firstly, we explore the state-of-the-art in literature and, as literature is currently scarce, analyze the adaptation techniques used by selected users of an open-source EA management tool. Secondly, we revisit literature and techniques from bordering fields and use the thereby achieved findings to elicit requirements for possible adaptation techniques from the tool's user group.

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