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Master's Thesis Tobias Schrade

Last modified Feb 18, 2016

Implementing a Web Client for Integrated Data, Role, Function, and Task Modelling



Hybrid Wikis combine the flexibility of normal wikis and the rich functionality of enterprise modelling systems to support collaborative information and model management. To achieve this goal a user interface for the modelling of agile data and processes is necessary. The users must not only be able to collaboratively define attribute and task models but analyze the metadata. Due to the emergent nature of this data small changes happen on a regular basis and „such a tool should support users in keeping data models, task models, and analysis models consistent.

At the current state of the art hybrid wikis do not offer any integrated user interface to handle agile data, role, function and task modelling and analysis within one application.

In order to solve this problem, a prototype interface will be implemented into a hybrid wiki platform following the design science approach. Through the process of evaluation by industry partners and applying the results to the implementation, the prototype will be improved.

This thesis will describe the prototypical implementation of a modelling user interface for a hybrid wiki with the focus on usability for the industrial application.


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