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Bu10y - Future Research Topics in Enterprise Architecture Management – A...

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Identifying, gathering, and maintaining information on the current, planned, and target states of the architecture of an enterprise is one major challenge of enterprise architecture (EA) management. A multitude of approaches towards EA management are proposed in literature greatly differing regarding the underlying perception of EA management and the description of the function for performing EA management. The aforementioned plurality of methods and models can be interpreted as an indicator for the low maturity of the research area or as an inevitable consequence of the diversity of the enterprises under consideration pointing to the enterprise-specificy of the topic.
In this paper, we use a knowledge management perspective to analyze selected EA management approaches from literature. Thereby, we elicit constituents, which should be considered in every EA management function from the knowledge management cycle proposed by Probst. Based on the analysis results, we propose future research topics for the area of EA management.

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