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Bachelor's Thesis Fridolin Koch

Last modified Jul 26, 2016
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REST-based Data Integration Services for Software Engineering Domain


Integration of the project data being spread among different software architecture life cycle tools is a sore and challenging problem (Capilla, 2015). Both the research community and industry repeatedly recognize it as a barrier for adoption of any software architecture knowledge management (SAKM) system (Weinreich, 2014). The goal of this thesis is to design a concept of data integration framework that supports software developers in developing and delivering new tool adapters to the end user of SAKM system. There is the wide range of commercial and open source ETL tools that address the problem of data integration, however they are mostly tailored to generic use cases and hence it is difficult to embed them in existing domain specific tools. Therefore, first of all the key requirements for such a framework have to be derived out of the interviews with domain experts taking into account experiences of the ETL community. The concept that satisfies the derived requirements has to be proposed and evaluated through a prototytpical implementation. 

Research questions

1. What are the use cases of data integration services?

2. What are the features of the existing data integration service providers?

3. How to design a framework for the data integration services in software engineering domain?


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